Ba Le Well considered is the oldest well in HoAn. Ba Le well is located in a small alley on Tran Hung Dao Street. According to the documents left, the well dated from ancient Cham period (around the 8th – 9th century). The well was called as Ba Le because there was a lady name “Ms. Le” spending 100 Indochina coins to restore it. From that, people called the well by her name.

The ancient well was made of brick without mortal. The bottom of the well was a large ironwood frame existing for a thousand years. The well is deep. Its wall is covered by green moss. The steam from the well spreads cool so when drinking a sip of well water, you can feel how fresh it is.

The Well was used to sell to merchant ships from Persia, Japan, etc. It has been a long time that the well is not only a regular well which supplies water but also has a great responsibility – to serve hundreds of people’s lives, from street vendors to luxury restaurants. What is very special about it is that only the water from this well can be used for preparing Hoi An specialty Cao Lau, My Quang noodles, etc.

Ba Le well water is also used to serve tourists. Many people coming to Hoi An want to drink a sip of its water to try the taste. Therefore, a family on Nguyen Thai Hoc street (the street leads to Ba Le well), prepared a big jar of well water with the words “well water for visitors”. This “specialty” attracts many visitors, especially international visitors to enjoy.

Besides creating a unique feature in Hoi An culture, Ba Le ancient well is also considered material culture value reflecting the life of the Cham community in Hoi An from over last 10 centuries.

Address: K45 Tran Hung Dao, Hoian

Time To Visit: in 24 Hours

Duration: 15 Minutes