Hoi An Free Tour Team

HoiAnFreeTour is an organization which was formed in November 11th 2011 and  run by local students from many different types of colleges and universities in Da Nang and Hoi An.

HoiAnFreeTour is proud to uphold our core mission, vision and values in all we do.

Our Mission :

  • The mission of HoiAnFreeTour is to give team members a practical chance to experience, change their way of thinking and develop necessary skills( english skiils, soft skills,..)
  • All the members of HoiAnFreeTour are considered as trustworthy local buddies who always support the tourists coming to HoiAn
  • Bring the tourists interesting experences in discovering the villages which still maintain the traditional value

Our Vision :

  • People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to make  contributions.
  • Local: HoiAnFreeTour’s responsibility is to continually improve the state of economy and the quality of life for Hoi An villagers by expanding travel activities and increasing related revenues through tourism and development
  • HoiAnFreeTour’s vision is to be the most trusted non-profit organization that ensure the high quality of  volunteer tour guides, services and strives to make a positive difference in community.

Tour Operator HoiAnFreeTour

HoiAnFreeTour is .currently offering 2 special cycling tours to Kim Bong and Tra Que Village.

There are  half day options for you to choose from. Most tours start around 8.30 AM and finish around 12.30PM.

Option 1: Kim Bong Bicycle Tour.  HoiAnFreeTour provides a range of fantastic rural experience for tourists. Tourists also can discover real Vietnamese Life with 2.5 USD including the round trip ferry tickets and donations for family business.

Option 2: Tra Que Vegetable Village. Visit Co Co river and Tra Que village.  Tourists can visit the local gardens and have a chance to attend cooking class where you can have a practical look on the traditional ways Vietnamese people cook. The total price of this tour is 10 USD, including the visiting tickets and cost of cooking class. 

Check out their website for more information: http://www.hoianfreetour.com


Hoi An Mates Team

Hoian Mates is a non – profit organization run by local students in Danang and Hoian through local tours and It was formed in 17th December, 2015 with a big desire to create a friendly environment to practice English, get experience and give them personal development. Hence, your attendance in student tours will encourage us to support local community and give students good chances to learn and progress. Hoian Mates is proud of our key mission, vision and values in anything we do.

We provide some Tours as below:

Kim Bong Carpentry Village Private Bicycle Tour

Kim Bong village belongs to Cam Kim island – a scenic rural island which is almost entirely free of tourists. The village is very famous for its carpentry, as almost all Hoian ancient architecture was built by their ancestors’ talented hands. This pleasant bike tour gives the cyclist not only a experience to learn traditional carpentry, but also a fantastic sampling of the countryside of Vietnam, meandering through stunning rural scenes, rice paddies, villages, fields of water buffaloes and local life. This bike tour was created as we would love to give memories which will remain with you forever.

Tra Que Vegetable Village Private Bicycle Tour

Tra Que is a small village located 3kms from north of Hoian between De Vong river and the Tra Que algal pond. It is a very popular local destination well-known for its cornucopia of organically cultivated herbs and vegetables. During your tour, you and your local guides from Hoian Mates will cycle around and explore the scenic countryside and picturesque villages at the area, and perhaps visit the famous Chuc Thanh pagoda, all while absorbing fascinating knowledge from the proud locals. You will travel the lovely winding road that the way through the lush rice paddies at the countryside.

Hoi An Walking City Private Day Tour

Ancient and peaceful, Hoian is one of the most popular destinations in Vietnam that has something for all travellers. Once a bustling port Hoian town is now a World Heritage Site whose buildings and street plan reflect the influences, both local and foreign, that have combined to produce this unique town.Wonderful people, fantastic foods, world famous tailors and beautiful lanterns, Hoian will captivate you with its beauty and worldly charm.

Check out their website for more information: hoianmates.com